General Electrical

Our experienced and qualified tradespeople are able to provide solutions for our client’s power and lighting systems in the domestic sector from the ground up. 

Our services include:

  • Underground Electrical Services with in house Civil Works,
  • Ducted and Split System Airconditioning
  • Home Networking
  • Switchbaord Upgrades and New Installations
  • Additions of Power Points
  • USB Power Point Additions and Upgrades
  • All Electrical Maintenance
  • Electrical System Health Checks
  • Rural and Residential Work
  • Commercial Electrical Systems

Having built a reputation as a name builder’s trust, the BeyondEnergy Group are chosen by the best who insist on reliability and excellence. Through our close relationships with our business partners we are able to offer competitive pricing, greater options and a wider range of electrical choice. 

Our technology department will provide builders with an up-sell division incorporating an interactive display room. This coupled with the ability to provide all of your smart wiring needs including alarms, C-Bus, bio metric fingerprint access, home theatre installations etc. will ensure a complete one stop service for all your electrical needs.


Let us light up your home inside and out. Whatever illusion or mood needs to be created, BeyondEnergy are dedicated to offering the widest range of lighting, fans, globes and home accessories suitable for every room and situation in the home.

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Fans
  • Pendants
  • Downlights
  • Garden Lighting
  • Energy Efficient

We can install every type of light and accessories imaginable.

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What is LED?

LED (light emitting diode) lighting is a semiconductor device which converts electricity into light. LEDs are the latest technology in energy efficient lighting.

LEDs produce more light per watt than an incandescent, are more efficient than a fluorescent and as they produce less heat than traditional lights they have the longest life span of any light source. Plus, LEDs can last up to 50 times longer than a halogen and only use about 10% of the energy. LEDs are energy efficient can save money and help to reduce the impact on the environment. They create a clear, warm white, directional light. The beam size will depend on the reflector built around the LED allowing a greater control of the lighting as compared with fluorescent.

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Home Networking

Australians love technology. New gizmos and gadgets have become a normal part of our lives. We rely on them daily. Our homes are now filled with multiple users, home offices and so many devices that rely on communicating with each other and the world.  With most areas now covered by the NBN, either with fixed cabling or  fixed wireless solutions, your home has the capabilites to perform smarter than ever before.

Home networking is simply a term used to describe the efficient, smart and convenient way to distribute communication throughout the home from one central location (or hub). Things like your internet, phone, computers, TV, speakers, theatre, intercom, security & more. Whilst you may not require some of these, just having internet, TV and phone these days is enough reason to warrant installation of a small home network.

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Click here to download more information on the NBN for builders and cablers 

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Solar + Storage

Beyond Energy are your solar experts, with an installed resume of over 3MW, we have the expertise to deliver on quality, professionalism and integrity.  Our business works on the philosophy of ‘ we service what we sell ‘, which is evident with our accredited Field Service Provider accreditation for Fronius Inverters.  With this partnering we are delivering a wholistic service to our customers, 

  • Design and Install Accreditation
  • Fronius Field Service Providers
  • Energy management and maximising technologies
  • On Grid Battery Storage

Come in and see the team at Beyond Energy and together we can develop and deliver a solar system to your requirements.

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How does Solar work?

The term grid connect refers to a renewable energy system that is connected to the national electricity grid. To put it simply, solar panels convert light energy from the sun by using some wiring and electronics into electricity. This electricity can be used to power your home or offset some of your energy bills and reduce your CO2 emmissions. The solar panels create DC power which is turned into AC power via an inverter, this is the same energy that power your home.

All areas of Australia have different effective solar access, during the daylight hours your system will be producing power, if you during this time consume less power than you are producing, your energy retailers will pay a premium for that excess power that you are exporting to the grid. The inverter monitors the amount of poewr that your system produces and it has a digital display for easy reading.

Your energy retailer will install a input/output meter, this monitors the amount of excess power that you export back to the grid. The power produced and the exported power can vary depending on how much power you are consuming during the day. If you are using power during the day while your solar system is functioning, you in effect will be using your own sustainable, renewable energy instead of the power from the grid. If you are consuming more power than your system can produce you are simply offsetting the cost of the energy used, by using your own sustainable, renewable energy.

Your solar system needs light to produce energy, so at night time you will simply be using power fed from the grid.

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BeyondEnergy. Empowering you with affordable and sustainable energy solutions.