BeyondEnergy is an innovative energy solutions company focused on delivering real energy solutions with positive outcomes on comfort, design and the environment. With our strategic partners and pioneering technology-based services, we address the problem of rising electricity prices, by helping you save time, energy and money.
BeyondEnergy is committed to providing safe, economical and sustainable solutions that not only have a positive 
effect on the facilities we occupy but the environment we live in.

Energy Optimisation

The first step in taking control of your energy spend is understanding how and when you use energy.

Our EnergyLink technology can show you how to make simple changes that save you money by answering questions like:

  • How much does my plant and equipment cost to run?
  • What equipment is wasting energy that I don't know about?
  • What changes can I make to my operations and how much will I save?

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Energy Project Modelling

BeyondEnergy are committed to listening to our clients and their needs, so project modelling becomes relevant and designed outcomes are delivered through:

  • Project Scope and Design
  • Designed Outcomes
  • Business Case
  • ROI and Payback Periods

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Financing and Funding Solutions

BeyondEnergy understands the need to ‘spend money to make money’ isn’t always as easy as it seems. We can assist with alleviating the cash flow burden through potential funding solutions and support.

  • Operationally Funded Solutions
  • ‘On Bill’ repayment options
  • Access to Government Funding and Grant Programs
  • Low Interest Energy Efficiency Loans
  • Environmental Upgrade Agreements
  • Emission Reduction Fund (ERF), VEET & ESC Energy Certficate Programs
  • Tax Incentives

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Product Supply and Solutioning

BeyondEnergy takes the approach that one product doesn’t suit every job and energy efficiency should’nt look or feel any different and 

  • We have a dedicated QA engineer auditing all of our Lighting solutions
  • We source project specific products
  • Our solutions are designed to achieve pre-determined outcomes
  • Sampling and Test Cases take the worry out of product and solution choices

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Implementation, Installation and Warranty

BeyondEnergy is a unique solutionist company that provides end to end services from the design, supply, install, warranty and maintenance on all of the products and services. Taking away client headaches, one contact, one company, the best outcome.

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Proactive Maintenance Solutions

BeyondEnergy has a dedicated team of maintenance personel providing routine and proactive maintenance services, utilising the ServiceLink platform we can:

  • Provide Dynamic Reporting      
  • Live Scheduling
  • Job Tracking
  • Compliance & Report Repository
  • Live Notifications
  • Client Login & Event Creation

For services such as;

  • Electrical
  • Air conditioning
  • Fire & Safety
  • Energy Monitoring

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Energy Reporting

BeyondEnergy utilises the EnergyLink platform to create reports which allow internal and external stakeholders to understand the impact of energy on their organisation and facilities, such as:

  • Energy, Gas and Water bill verification
  • NABERS  ratings
  • Consumption and Generation reports
  • Multiple site usage comparison per FTE, M2, Student, product, etc.
  • Live excess usage alarming
  • Behavioural change, education and outcome verification
  • Measurement and Verification of implemented programs

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Traditional Grid Energy

BeyondEnergywork with a unique energy retailer and together we think energy should be delivered differently.

  • Your business will have a dedicated account manager
  • NO fees and penalities for contract variance
  • Billing is easy to understand and incorporates energy reporting
  • Flexible environmental options to suit your requirements

Switch your energy provider and receive EnergyLink as part of your standard service.

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Business Solar

Technology is changing fast. Save with on-site energy generation from BeyondEnergy

  • We can provide you with low cost solar electricity with $0 up front cost to you
  • We will operate and maintain the system
  • When the sun isn't shining we will top you up from the grid.

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BeyondEnergy. Empowering you with affordable and sustainable energy solutions.